During my 25 year career of teaching music to young children, I have seen SO many amazing MOMS! It’s inspiring….and because I know it really IS the mom that makes a child’s world go round, I love to support that “VIP”.

Until I was a mom myself, I really didn’t appreciate (of course), my mothers role in my life. You know….she made me do stuff. Somethings I didn’t like so much…but…..she made me feel like I could succeed in anything and she was there to support me through the learning process. And whether I shined in a skill or not, she always gave me a thumbs up for trying and made me feel like I was a gift from God. I am completely thinking my mom was Wonder Woman, who is the coolest superhero on the planet! To name a few of her super powers- superhuman senses, Divine wisdom, and an infinite capacity for love……mom too!

Moms are on a MISSION to help their children discover unique gifts and to instill humanity – like the ability to love and have compassion. My mom believed that music lessons would help in all these pursuits. Music was important to my mom and she used piano lessons as a jumping off point for us kids to discovery how we would use music in our own lives. She expected us to continue piano for two years. It’s interesting to hear my siblings take on that experience – it affected each of us in different ways. It propelled most of us down a musical path. Not for fame but for joy. Music feeds the soul. I was the only one who continued with a passion for the piano. Having the skill, has given me many opportunities from teaching in private studios to public school teaching contracts to offering my service in church and community events. From my Grandma Noreen, who played the Guitar (not well but enthusiastically), to mom who played the accordion-(with special zeal at birthdays and Christmas), to me, who plays the piano and now my children, who have learned “the language” it has had a positive effects thru the generations.

In my quest to offer to others what I have experienced with the education of music—I love love working with children and their MOM because I know that that is where the MAGIC happens and not the I-Dream-of-Jeannie kind (I loved that sitcom as a child……..although it would be great to cross our arms and blink our eyes and a wish be granted)…..it does take work. But the Beauty is that whatever levels a child is, there are daily wins and achievements.

So knowing that there is a magic from a early introducation to music— that seeps into several aspects of life—my career has been joining forces with moms and teaching the Joy of music. I am so excited, because of the offering of Mayron Cole, that after teaching 25 years in my home studio, I can now make available a NEW convenient and less expensive way of PIANO LESSONS!

There are lives to impact and music impacts lives!